What are the requirements to apply?
To apply to one of our programs you have to be a native English speaker or be fluent in it. Having teaching experience will also increase your changes of getting into one of our programs, so make sure to mention it.

How much will I get paid?
Please go to our “How it works” page and find out about salaries for each given time period.

How long can I stay?
We offer a maximum stay of 3 months.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
No, once you have passed our application process we will help you sort your ticket and visa.

Where in China?
We have most of the host families located in Guangzhou, China’s 3 largest city. Only 2 hours by train to Hong Kong.

Do you cover my insurance?
Yes, we will provide you with a travel insurance for the period you are working as an Au Pair. However you are more than welcome to get your own insurance.

What will be my main duties?
Your main tasks will involve helping the family’s kids improve the English skills. For this we will train you and provide material, depending on the program the parents choose for their kids.

Can I travel during my work?
While being an Au Pair you will be required to live with the local family. You will have weekends and time to socialise, visit different cities and even travel with the families.

Do the families speak English?
Some parents have a very limited English, however we will make sure to have a translator when needed and will also provide you full support from out office in Guangzhou.

How many hours of work per week?
Work will range from 30-40 hours a week. Your host family will also show you around and help you adapt to China.